Golden Teacher mushroom dosage and effects

Golden Teacher mushrooms should be consumed between 1 and 1.5 grams as a starting dose to allow you to assess their effects and determine your individual tolerance level.

What kind of trip are you looking for? Intense and heavy, or light and pleasant? Depending on what you are looking for, you can adjust the dose to enjoy the experience at different levels.

If you are new to psychedelic mushrooms or have never consumed the Golden Teacher strain before, it is best to start with a lower dosage and become familiar with its effects. As your experience with this mushroom grows, however, you can gradually increase your dosage as desired.

It is essential to remember that the effects of Golden Teacher mushrooms can differ depending on a number of factors, including individual tolerance, body weight and the environment in which they are consumed. As such, it is always advised to proceed with using psychedelic mushrooms cautiously and make sure you consume them in an enclosed and controlled setting.

What is the dosage for Golden Teacher

Magic mushrooms, Gummies, Chocolate, Tea and Microdose

Dried mushrooms, Gummies, Chocolate, Tea and Microdose

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The typical dosage for most magic mushrooms is between 1 and 2.5 grams of dried mushrooms.

Type of shroom Golden Teachers (Psilocybe cubensis)
Dried (microdose) 0.1-0.2 g
Fresh (microdose) 1-2 g
Dried (threshold) 0.25 g
Fresh (threshold) 2 g
Dried (light) 0.25-1 g
Fresh (light) 2.5-10 g
Dried (medium) 1-2.5 g
Fresh (medium) 10-25 g
Dried (strong) 2.5-5 g
Fresh (strong) 25-50 g
Dried (heavy) 5+ g
Fresh (heavy) 50+ g

In any case, on the Internet you can find mushroom dosage calculators to determine the perfect dose. On the other hand,

How to buy Golden Teacher in Canada ?

Magic mushrooms, Gummies, Chocolate, Tea and Microdose

Dried mushrooms, Gummies, Chocolate, Tea and Microdose

Cannabis, Mushrooms, Candy, Gummies, Tea and Microdose

Golden Teacher Dosage Calculator

Use the calculator to find the perfect dose for your magic mushroom trip.

What are Golden Teacher effects ?

The best thing about Golden Teacher mushrooms is that they offer a somewhat high psychedelic effect, so they are a good starting point for newcomers to the mushroom world.

Effect type Grade
Visual Half
Creative Half
Philosophical High
Intense Under
Punctuation 8/10

They are known above all for their shamanistic properties, which include spiritual effects beyond a simple “journey.” When you consume them, they provide you with a feeling of illumination that will help you connect with nature. All of this makes some sense, as it seems her name also derives from her incredible ability to heal the mind and spirit.

Those new to the world of psychedelic mushrooms can turn to Golden Teacher mushrooms for a safe trip and to minimize the chances of having a “bad trip.”

Hence they are highly recommended for newbies. In addition, Golden Teacher mushrooms are valued for their spiritual and / or shamanic effects. Therefore, this mushroom is not just for casual travel.

It can also be used to acquire a new perception about yourself and about the universe. It is not uncommon for Golden Teacher mushrooms to produce a lighting sensation and a deeper connection with nature. Tools In fact, spiritual healers turn to these mushrooms to use as tools with which to restore the mind and spirit. Lastly, Golden Teacher mushrooms also produce hallucinogenic effects.
A common trait among all magic mushrooms.

Golde Teacher mushrooms
In this way, you can expect a visionary experience along with waves of universal energy that reach you through intense hallucinations with both eyes open and closed. Precisely, its name derives from the ability of these mushrooms to teach those who take them through new psychedelic and transcendental experiences. And there is no greater teaching than to unravel the mysteries of the universe.

What are Golden Teacher ?

Golden Teacher mushrooms are a classic spiritual for a long time. The shiny golden yellow hat and the wise teachings that it offers give this variety its appropriate name (which in Spanish means “golden teacher”). It is a classic for beginners that start in this world. I must thank the article where I read what are the psychedelic drugs (super worked research with easy language) that made me describe Golden Teacher.

With a psychedelic mushroom grow kit of this variety of Psilocybe cubensis, you can get mushrooms of a medium or large size with wide hats ideal for making spore prints or for consuming.

Golden teacher forest mushrooms

Experiences with Golden Teacher mushrooms

Next I will describe the experience of a 24-year-old man and 75 kilos of physically and mentally healthy weight who tried the Golden Teacher mushrooms. Until that moment he had never tried them before, but he had had experiences with other mushrooms, especially with the species Psilocybe tampanensis.

Psilocybe tampanensis Your experience was preceded by a long day at work. He was physically tired and ready to relax and unload his mind. When he touched these psychedelic mushrooms, he claimed to have felt the meaning of existence. In this way, a sense of relaxation and comfort came over him. And so, he went on to meet the Golden Teacher mushrooms.

He ingested two dry hats weighing about 1.5 grams, along with a dose of healthy and tasty herbal honey. For him, the process of chewing and swallowing mushrooms was like walking through a portal knowing that, in just a few moments, his perception would be radically altered. While he waited for the effects, he leaned back in his most comfortable chair and turned on the television.

After twenty minutes, the effects started as a tingling sensation on your hands, arms, shoulders, and the top of your head. Initial sensation The initial sensation was pleasant and sensual. The calm increased and her facial muscles relaxed as a wave of ecstasy pulsed through her body. When he looked in a mirror, his physical appearance began to show the classic symptoms of ingesting magic mushrooms: dilated pupils and flushed skin. After lying on the bed, the mushrooms gained even greater control over his body. After closing his eyes, he heard a sound followed by another. Until the series of sounds began to resemble chimes with different frequencies.

His body began to shed its weight: the spirit had disconnected from the body. He had entered the dimensions in which his thoughts and sensations, as well as sounds and the physical world, were woven together to form an increasingly strange landscape. Mental Liberation The next step was characterized by the surrender of control. Without no restriction on your thoughts and emotions, his mind led him to think of the different people in his life.

As each person passed through his mind, he was able to become her. In this way, he was able to experience the mental, emotional, and physical perspective of this other person. After a while, the experience softened and he was back to himself. After an hour, he was able to sleep peacefully.

When he woke up, he felt recharged, more energetic, and more emotionally stable.
Each person goes on a different journey with the Golden Teacher mushrooms. However, this experience can serve as a reference in case you get to ingest them with the correct mentality and in the appropriate environment.

Golden Teacher mushrooms growth

Golden Teacher mushroom growing

The first harvest of Golden Teacher will give you medium-sized mushrooms, while the next ones will be larger and thicker. Diameter The hats have a diameter of about 5 centimeters. They are quite flat as soon as they reach their maximum size. Golden Teacher mushrooms they don’t grow as fast as other varieties of Psilocybe cubensis because they develop in conditions that are far from optimal. However, they are really worth it, which makes them among the favorites of those who grow mushrooms for the first time.

Golden Teacher mushrooms cultivation

How to grow Golden Teacher mushrooms?

There are two main options for growing your own fresh mushrooms.

  • First, you can use a Golden Teacher mushroom grow kit, which is ideal for those who want to grow mushrooms quickly and easily.
  • On the other hand, if you are a grower who wants to customize the process and optimize the result, you have a second option: Golden Teacher spores.

Growing temperature Golden Teacher

They must be kept in a dark environment, with a temperature of around 20 degrees Celsius, airy (if this is not the case, you can use a small fan) and low humidity.

Golden Teacher mushroom grow kit

Golden Teacher mushrooms grow kit

Please note! To grow mushrooms using kits, you will have to follow the instructions specific to each one. You must bear in mind that in the market there are a multitude of brands with their specific characteristics. If you are going to use a heating mat, you must follow the instructions correctly so that the grow kit is at the correct temperature. So if you take the time to read and follow the instructions, the mushrooms will eventually grow!

Golden Teacher spores

Golden Teacher mushrooms spore culture
Are you ready for the next level? Well, try growing your next mushrooms using Psilocybe cubensis spores! Culture kits Spore culture is considered more advanced. To carry out, you can use grow kits without mycelium or start from scratch.

In any case, you should keep in mind that learning to cultivate in an advanced way is quite easy. The use of spores will save you money and will help you optimize the conditions for maximize harvest. Spores …